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Security Services

Security is one of the top priority challenges IT management faces these days. Equally important is
bottom line business productivity! And therein is the dilemma. How do today's businesses maintain due diligence in the area of IT security while simultaneously keeping focused on the bottom line? NPG has the answer!

Choose NPG for a comprehensive security partner that will assist you in common sense, business-centric IT security management. Whether it's Risk Management framework and methodology, vulnerability assessments and security audits, or security technology, NPG can provide valuable assistance and services at a fraction of the cost charged by large security consulting firms.

Network Vulnerability Assessment.

An experienced NPG security engineer can work with you to assess how secure your information systems are from outside attack or insider misuse. We provide a range of services depending upon your needs:

Second Opinion Remote Security Assessment – With NPG you can assess your network's IT security in a very short time and with very little effort on your part. Answer a few questions, allow us to scan your network with our assessment tools and a week later you will have a highly professional security report and recommendations prepared by a qualified security engineer.

Security Engineer Consultation – If you need more help in evaluating and interpreting security issues, NPG engineers are available for consultation.

Security Design – Development and implementation of a comprehensive information systems security policy and framework that will allow an organization to function securely and efficiently.

Network Design/Redesign – Development and implementation of new or reengineered network to ensure secure efficient operations.

IP Telephony Vulnerability Assessment.


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