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See our tools in action and explore their relevancy to your network with our network engineers.

With hundreds of system checks available, our engineers can show you new performance metrics.


VAR Program


Is your organization looking for a way to generate new revenue streams, increase margins, and improve account control?  Would you like to reduce the cost of delivering on service contracts and have a tool to identify new consulting opportunities?  Would you be interested in increasing your services business relative to your hardware business? 

NPG can deliver on these promises. Even better, your risk is minimized because the cost of entry is extremely low. By partnering with NPG you can deliver customized, co-branded, affordable Network Monitoring to your customers.

Business Benefits

We combine our technology with our seasoned, dedicated staff to help our partners immediately see successful results in delivering services to customers.  We pride ourselves on being flexible.  We will work with you to build your Network Monitoring offering so that it aligns with your organization’s strategic goals. For this reason, each of our partner agreements is unique.  Depending on how you structure your offering and the nature of your practice, you may see the following benefits from a partnership with NPG:

Increase in Revenues

  • Increase in overall revenue
  • Increase in margin Increase in consulting opportunities
  • Increase in consulting opportunities
  • Increase in hardware sales

Reduces Operational Costs

  • Reduction in help desk and end user support time
  • Reduction in time spent on troubleshooting and repair
  • Problem resolution done remotely rather than by dispatch

To enhance your product by including the Network Performance Group as part of your solution, e-mail or dial 1-866-276-8330, ext. 6233.



Channel Partner Benefits

Generate new revenue streams
Build revenue without hiring staff or building a NOC by remotely delivering customized and proactive managed services to end user clients

Increase margins
Shifting from a hardware to a services business model can increase margins significantly


Reduce costs of delivering existing service contracts
Leverage best practices and automated monitoring technology that focus on targeting the root cause of problems BEFORE they degrade service -- in contrast to simply detecting a problem as it occurs

Open Doors to Prospects with Multi-Vendor Environments
Many Solutions on the marketplace are single vendor centric. NPG is a vendor agnostic and recognizes that networks come in more than one flavor.

Improve account control
Assume the coveted position of Trusted Advisor playing a strategic role in growing a client's business rather than just selling equipement



View your customers network the way you want to view it
Create multiple views of your customers networks allowing...


Identify and close the new consulting opportunities
With the additional insights monitoring gives you into client activity you're able to use the reports to document the need for new equipement and up-sell new products

Minimize risk with low barriers to entry
Leverage Network Performance Group's Partner Program to successfully sell managed services

End User Client Benefits

Reduced, predictable costs of operation
For a manageable and predictable monthly fee, companies can now have fault AND performance management of their network 24/7/365

"Rent" access to top technology expertise
Access cutting edge software as well as skilled staff, that you couldn't afford to hire, train, and retain internally

Reduce costs of downtime
Assure continuous business operations with minimum unplanned downtime in the event of changes and technology migrations. Advanced warning of chronic and intermittent problems also helps in reducing downtime.


Manage ALL of your network
NPG takes a wholistic view of the network. With very few exceptions, we can monitor hardware from any vendor. We understand that we must be able to monitor and manage the whole network to ensure optimal network performance

Improved support -- no finger-pointing
Users don't care what caused it -- they just want it fixed. NPG can monitor more than just the network hardware. We monitor performance metrics as well, including servers and the applications running on them. This comprehensive approach facilitates faster resolution of the problem, regardless of the cause.

Custom Vies by Geographic, Business Unit, or Business Process
the ability to create multiple customer views...


Strategic capacity planning
Make more informed capacity planning and equipement purchases for strategic assets and applications


Customized Services
Benefit from customized, flexible packages tailored to your specific environment, budget, and business needs



Existing VAR Partners

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