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Performance Management
IP Telephony
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IP Telephony

IP Telephony is new high tech telephone system that includes a voice-over-Internet-Protocol solution that carries, voice, video and integrated data carried on dedicated, high speed Internet connections.

IPT/VoIP solutions dramatically reduce operating costs that are traditionally associated with operating a PBX. Other advantages include access to low cost long distance, low cost local trunking and integrated messaging.

IPT Performance Management.

We deliver Performance Engineering for IPT and VoIP Service Delivery Platforms. Optimize your network as we proactively find underperforming routes and end points. With end to end visibility, we offer you detail on where problems are and just as importantly, where they aren’t, so traffic flows efficiently ensuring quality connectivity.

IPT Optimization.

description coming soon.

VoIP Quality-of-Service Monitoring.

Network Performance Group (NPG) provides complete visibility into each stage of a call from beginning to end, across both IP and TDM networks. We measure each of the three most vital quality-impacting elements of a VoIP service: Signaling Quality measures call signaling and setup performance, which represents a person's initial exposure to a VoIP service. When users pick up the phone to make a call, they expect that call to be quickly and reliably established on the first attempt. Our signaling quality tests measure the performance of the entire signaling infrastructure by initiating and monitoring calls over various VoIP protocols (e.g., SIP, MGCP, PRI, NCS, etc.), and provide detailed measurements for each call setup step. Signaling quality metrics, such as post-dial delay and registration delay, assist in troubleshooting the call setup infrastructure.
Delivery Quality measures transport performance. Problems such as long latencies, lost packets, and signal strength all contribute to overall call satisfaction. Individually, delivery quality metrics are vital in diagnosing the cause and location of call performance problems across IP and TDM delivery networks and media gateways.
Call Quality measures a user's overall call experience. Call quality metrics such as the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), reported on a scale of one (bad) to five (excellent), enable both technical personnel and end users to easily assess call quality on a callby-call basis. Our call quality tests support the E-Model (ITU G.107), PESQ (ITU P.862), and other emerging call quality industry standards.
NPG extends VoIP service performance visibility across the entire network from the end-user's phone to the service provider's core and all points in between. VoIP administrators achieve this visibility by deploying NPG measurement sources at selected network boundaries to create demarcation points (demarcs) from which to run VoIP performance tests. By running these tests, administrators measure the end-to-end user experience and the performance between instrumented locations. Segmenting networks in this way facilitates easier troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.
Brix VoIP management applications support each phase of the VoIP service lifecycle: Assessing service and network infrastructure Pre-qualifying service partners or subscribers Operational monitoring and troubleshooting of a fully-deployed service Delivering customer care and end-user support Guaranteeing service quality.
NPG supports VoIP deployments in a wide variety of situations, including: multi-service, converged, provider core networks; hosted and managed VoIP services; desktop VoIP in local- and wide-area enterprise networks; and broadband residential VoIP.

VoIP Vulnerablity Assessment.

Your company depends on its phone service being secure and available. NPG can discover and document security risks that allow intruders to penetrate and attack your VoIP network and services. NPG provides a security assessment and auditing solution that continuously monitors your VoIP security infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities. Our extensive knowledge database and reporting package then provides you with a detailed account of all identified weaknesses and offers possible solutions and remedies. Special reports are included to provide an analysis of compliance with legislation like SOX, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, and privacy acts.

Complete coverage is provided for all VoIP devices including soft/hard phones, call managers, gateways, and border session controllers. Related infrastructure components are addressed including directory servers and firewalls.

As convergence of IP data and voice networks increases, don’t rely on existing scans of pure data networks to identify threats. You also need to scan for vulnerabilities related to VoIP-specific protocols and VoIP applications.

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